Sunday, August 28, 2016

Year 4, Week 4: Stonehenge

     Our history studies brought us to Stonehenge this week and the kids tried to come up with different ways of how the megalith could have been built.  I can't remember everything they said but I know they said something about slides and ropes.  I probably should have written it down!  This is their model of Stonehenge, complete with a tourist snapping pictures:

     We began our Latin studies this week.  As I said in my first post for this year, we're easing into things and I didn't want to start everything from the get-go.  We're using Latina Christiana which they enjoy but find a bit tedious right now.  I reminded them that it's just the beginning and it will progressively get challenging as the weeks pass.  I happened to look ahead a few pages and it's even a bit challenging for me to teach!

     My Little Toughie seems to be enjoying her science and created this masterpiece depicting the different ocean layers.  My favorite is the deceased whale lying at the bottom of the ocean.  She read that in the book and felt badly about it.

     That's all for now.

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