Saturday, September 27, 2014

Year 2, Weeks 8 and 9

     So, I'm seeing a steadfast pattern; writing up two weeks in one post.  In my defense, I hurt my leg a couple of weeks ago and was stuck on the couch icing, compressing and elevating.  Thank God it's on the mend!

     Anyway, Week 8 brought us to the First Thanksgiving.  My kids thought it was funny that there was pumpkin present at the the First Thanksgiving, but no pumpkin pie.  Suggesting that we do the same in a couple of months for our Thanksgiving meal was not so funny to them.  I also suggested we have deer, since that was served during that First Thanksgiving as well.  That didn't sound appealing to them either.  I was just trying change things up.  Hashtag fail?  By the way, I make a fantastic Paleo pumpkin pie and my Thanksgiving shopping list is nearly perfect.  I digress (because I LOVE Thanksgiving and am drooling, just a bit).

     In Week 9 we read "Paul Revere's Ride" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  The book we happened to have also had a map showing where Revere rode that fateful night.  We also watched a couple of episodes of Liberty's Kids.  It's still on sale on Amazon, so if your kids are American History fans (or perhaps you would like to spark their interest) then purchase it now!

     This week we also read a few stories out of The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang (Published by Dover.  I'm including that information in case you are interested in purchasing the book.  The Dover publication is an unabridged republished version of the what was first published in 1889.  Basically, this book goes way back.)  We read Little Red Riding Hood and both of my kids were surprised by the ending.  My daughter in particular, was taken aback but giggled at the, ahem, not so happy ending.

     We're reading The Blue Fairy Book as part of our English Lessons Through Literature, known to my kids as ELTL.  I love it.  Both of my kids love it.  The books that we get to read are fantastic and are beautifully written.  Not to mention free!

     When they aren't trying to take a peek at more stories from The Blue Fairy Book and they happen to be done with their work early (before it's time for the next subject) they either review their CC memory work or play a word game I found at Lakeshore.  This usually only happens on Fridays since I've made it so that their workload is a little bit lighter on that day.

     The Roll and Write Word Games helps both of them with spelling and building their vocabulary.  I can't tell if they prefer to do review or play the game since they enjoy both, but below is a picture of them playing the game:

     That's it for now.  Oh, wait...The Principal surprised our kids with a day off!  He actually got up, bid us all farewell and left the house.  A few minutes later he came back home and confused surprised the kids.  They were happy to have him there for their school day.  We even got to see my stepdaughter at work and the kids got to have a treat!  It was a nice change of pace for all of us.

     Now, that's it.  Have a wonderful and blessed week!

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