Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kindegarten, Week 23

     We took a week off.  I figured we didn't take enough time off for the holidays and I deserved to.  NOT.  What really happened is that I got hit with a cold virus that actually wasn't too bad except I lost my voice.  I can't really teach if I can't speak.  We were able to do some copywork, math and review our Classical Conversations facts, but I couldn't do much else.  And, because I like a challenge, after 5 days of not having a voice but finally feeling better, my daughter and I decided it was time for a stomach virus to hit us.  We both ended up in the E.R. hooked up to I.V.s  That was an adventure.

     Thankfully, my daughter bounced right back a day later.  I, on the other hand, took a bit longer to recover.  Even as I write this, my appetite isn't 100% back.  Still, I'm on the mend and praise God that my daughter got better quickly and that my son and husband did not get sick.

     Other than that, our week went as smoothly as it could (I was still feeling weak).  Our Bible study took us to the story of Queen Esther, which I was happy to read to my daughter because a few months ago our church did a sermon about Queen Esther.  I was able to share some of the insight that our pastor passed on to us; how God had His hand on her from her orphaned youth to her victory as a queen.

     My favorite part of our week this time around was when my daughter decided to hold a study group:

Explaining her copywork

     Ah, the simple things!  Have a wonderful week.

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