Sunday, March 13, 2016

Year 3: Exploring Countries and Cultures, Ni Hao China!

     We made our way through China!  This was another one of our favorite countries to study, though when I asked the kids what has been their favorite so far they had a hard time deciding.

     Our studies always begin with locating and mapping the country.  After the kids labeled their maps and colored their flag sheets they opened the box (which was a surprise) that held their game of Chinese Checkers.  Of course, they immediately wanted to play:

     After a couple of games we had to move on, but they enjoyed it and couldn't wait to play with The Principal.

     Our trip to China, aside from all the oohing and aahing over Giant Pandas, also brought us to our reading about Gladys Aylward.  Amidst war she was able to keep all the children in her care safe.  Her exploits were so popular that a movie, starring Ingrid Bergman was produced.  I read though that, as expected, the movie embellished several things to make it suitable for Hollywood.  What a shame.  Either way, Gladys's story is one that should serve as inspiration to others, especially girls.

     The kids and I also made lanterns.  I remember making these every year in elementary school.

     We also took a bit of a deviation at one point during our study of China.  The Principal purchased flowers for me and the kids were so distracted by their beauty that we couldn't get anything done.  They were in awe of the changes the flowers made over night.  I decided to bust out the art supplies and let them paint a picture of the flowers.

     What would our trip to China be without some Dim Sum to end our studies?  (Answer: Good, but not quite satisfying!)  We didn't make dumplings as we had planned because, to be honest, I just couldn't quite get myself together nor gather the muster to do it.  Plus, I had been craving the goodies from a restaurant we've been to a couple of times.  So, we went and enjoyed.

     I didn't take pictures of the food we ordered.  I couldn't.  We wolfed it down the second it got to the table.  Service is a bit slow at this particular restaurant (unlike other Dim Sum places I've been to) and we were hungry, hence only the menu pictures.

     Farewell, China.  Next up:  Japan!

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