Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kindergarten, Week 33

     Three more weeks!  Just three more weeks and our first year of homeschooling will be done.  Well, actually 4 more weeks because we're taking one week off for Spring Break.  I tried to convince my daughter to just push through but my Little Toughie wanted to take the same week off as her big brother and so it will be.

     This week we finished The Story of Dr. Doolittle.  It was such a wonderful read, even with the editing done by the publisher.  My daughter and I enjoyed this one very much.  The next book will have to be really interesting to top this one.

     We also took a field trip this week.  Our Classical Conversations group headed out to a local museum.  It was a perfect day for this outing.  At one point we stopped and looked at Renaissance furniture.  We happened upon a huge Baroque style bed.  The kids were given a picture and crayons to color their own bed.

     Below is her finished piece:

     This week we also began our exploration into space.  We started off with studying space shuttles and the gear astronauts have to wear in order to make their journey along with the equipment needed.  We have a toy from our trip last year to see the Endeavour which we used with our reading.

     That's all for this week!

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