Sunday, May 22, 2016

Year 3: Exploring Countries and Cultures, Hello there, Antarctica!

     We were in Antarctica, where there is no government, no official language, no flag and no real human population.  Yep, that's how cold it is there.  The kids asked me what we could eat that would be representative of Antarctica and I told them, "Ice!"  Ha ha ha!

     Since Antarctica has no flag the kids designed their own.  This is my daughter's flag:

     This is my son's:
     You can sort of see the sheet behind each flag which is a Venn diagram we did comparing the Arctic and the Antarctic.  That was pretty fun for them.  They got to see the differences and similarities come together before their eyes as they wrote everything out.

     My favorite part of Antarctica was being able to watch March of The Penguins with my kids.  I had watched it years before and remembered it when we did the aforementioned Venn diagram.  I had to warn my daughter about some of the life lost, but it still made her sad to see it.  I gave her the option to turn it off but she wanted to continue on.  In the end, both kids enjoyed it.
     As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm trying to get my son more interested in books.  Let me clarify, he likes reading books but he focuses on weather books (he's obsessed with tornadoes and hurricanes) with the occasional dinosaur book on the side.  I'm trying to expand his selections and am hoping that borrowing books from the Magic Tree House series will peak his interest.  He seemed to enjoy Dingoes at Dinnertime so this time I borrowed Eve of the Emperor Penguin to go along with our studies.  They thought it was, "just okay".  This happens to have come after I read Henry Huggins aloud to them, which they were enthralled with.

     We have two more weeks left.  The last two weeks of My Father's World is left blank so that one could choose their own country to study.  I probably should have squeezed it in before we left Asia, but the kids wanted to end in the Philippines so back to Asia we go!

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