Sunday, February 28, 2016

Year 3: Exploring Countries and Cultures, Namaste India!

     We landed in Asia and our first country was India.  We enjoyed our trip through the country along with reading about Amy Carmichael.  These missionaries are a true testament of what God can do if you're willing to step out in faith and just trust Him.

     Our journey the past two weeks included a lot of outings.  While out for a nature walk we made our way onto a local college campus and happened upon their art exhibit on archiving.  They had a virtual reality table. Below are the kids taking a "trip".  They were able to visit the moon too!

     The exhibit also included blasts from the past.  I had to explain to my kids what some of there were:

     My daughter's American Heritage Girls troop also had a fire safety outing.  We roasted hot dogs and of course s'mores.  Below is a picture of her covering her face because it was pretty hot!

     No trip to India would be complete without watching Planet Earth's Mountains...

     Or a meal of Tikka Masala and Naan.  Yum!

      Last but not least, I can't forget the Mango Lassi they enjoyed.  I made mine with orange juice, a little frozen mango, some vanilla yogurt and just a touch of honey.  They loved it!

     One country down!  Next we travel to China.

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