Sunday, December 6, 2015

Year 3: Exploring Countries and Cultures, Bonjour France!

     Our study of France began with saddened hearts and prayer.  It just so happened that after the tragedy in Paris, we were leaving Norway and making our way to France.  Even the librarian asked if our study was prompted by the attacks.  It was not.  It just happened to fall on our calendar that way.  We prayed for those affected by the attacks.  So, so sad.

     Our Thanksgiving break was in the middle of our study, so I feel like we didn't do enough France "stuff".  However, if you can tell by my posts we are a foodie family so we will always get the FOOD part in.  Ha!  Here my kids are having their first bite of escargot:

      Since it was so close to the holidays the restaurant had a special dessert, a Bûche de Noël, also known as a Yule Log.  We shared this along with a Mille-feuille, more commonly known as a Napoleon.  We all agreed the log was better.

     The kids dabbled in water colors, painting a bunch of grapes.  You know, because France is known for wine.  (They knew this already because The Principal could also be a sommelier [a wine steward]).  My daughter also drew the Eiffel Tower, but I have no idea where she put it!

     We also watched Kings of Pastry which we found fascinating.  I used to work at well-regarded culinary school (in the admissions office) and my favorite chef happened to be French.  He would always send someone down to the offices when the students made Bouillabaisse so that we could have some before it was all gone.  It was my first taste of it and it was scrumptious!  Working there was probably one of my favorite places of employment for many reasons (I made a lot of wonderful friends there and still keep in touch with them).  The employees also got free food!  Can you imagine a cafeteria loaded with foods from all over the world, made by up and coming chefs; you didn't have to pay a dime for it AND you can come back for seconds?  I  mean these weren't samples.  These were full on meals, made by the students for the students and staff.  They put in 8-hour days, sometimes longer, so they deserved a nice hot meal!

     We enjoyed our study of France, despite the sad beginning.  I think if we were to travel anywhere, France would be my kids' first choice.  Some day.  Au revoir!

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