Sunday, November 15, 2015

Year 3: Exploring Countries and Cultures, Hallo, Norway!

     When I was in the sixth grade we had to partner up with another classmate and report on a particular country.  I remember that the country my partner and I reported on was Norway.  We also had to do an oral report on what we learned.  We even presented food from the county.  Other partners would share food, art or something the created specifically for the report.  I remember that we had crackers and some other food item.  I remember my dad helped me draw the map of Scandinavia and that my report cover was red.  I feel like I still have it somewhere.

     Anyway, as you can tell we spent a couple of weeks in Norway.  The kids tried a little Rosemaling.  Here they are practicing:

     I found a print for them to actually paint:

     We opted to do it on paper since I did not have a box for them to paint on.  Plus, my son wouldn't know what to do with that box (I guess he could have given it to someone for Christmas) and my daughter likes to hang her art up.

     We end every country with a summary report.  Since my son sometimes has difficulties organizing his thoughts and putting them onto paper, I created a simple sheet that he has to fill it at the end of the study.  My daughter, however, likes to be a little more creative and chose to make a travel pamphlet this time around:

     The top off our study we made Risgrøt (Rice Pudding) for breakfast.  The recipe I used was not from this site linked.  We got ours from a Norwegian cookbook we borrowed from the library.

     The rice pudding smelled creamy and cinnamony (not a word, I know).  Oddly enough, the time which we had it coincided with the time in Norway that this would typically be served (I believe it was first dinner, around 5 pm).  This is also sometimes made for Christmas, as a dessert.  We made it in our slow cooker.  The consistency reminded me of a chocolate version I used to have for breakfast when I was little, which I promised to make the kids some time.

     Later that evening. I made a simple seafood stew and luckily we had in our freezer some cookies from Solvang:

     All in all we enjoyed our adventure in Norway but can't wait to move on to France!

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