Sunday, August 23, 2015

Year 3: Exploring Countries and Cultures, Week 3

     There was no world cake to bake this week but we're now focusing on countries of North America.  The United States were up first and thanks to Cycle 3 of Classical Conversations, my kids can name all the states and know their location.  We made a game to see how much of their map they can fill in correctly (using their CC maps).  I set the timer for 5 minutes and they label as much of the U.S. as they can.  My daughter, since she can't spell all of the states correctly yet, uses initials to label hers.

     At the end of the 5 minutes they both had all but a couple of East coast states labeled.  Much better than what I can do!

     We also began reading Kingdom Tales.  Book one (Tales of the Kingdom) is our current read-aloud and we're all enjoying the stories.

     We begin our 4th week tomorrow.  It's going a lot faster (and smoother) than I expected, but I have to say we are all enjoying My Father's World so far.

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