Sunday, August 9, 2015

Year 3: Exploring Countries and Cultures, Week 1

     So, can I just say I hope the rest of our homeschool weeks go as smoothly as this one did?  Thank God for the peaceful, productive week!

     We started with watching a movie titled On The Way to School (it's on Netflix).  It documents four different kids trying to get to school and what they have to endure just to get there.  These kids realize that their education is a privilege and go to great lengths just to make sure they make it.  My kids now know better than to complain about the little chores they have to do before school starts everyday.  There are no lions to contend with!

     We got to dive straight into some wonderful books about maps and mapping, which I thought was cool since the basis of this year's curriculum is Geography.  If you can't read a map, how will you know where you're going?  We also read a few books about different cultures, just to give the kids a preview of the weeks to come and to give them deeper insight into the meaning of John 3:16.

     We even learned a bit about the distortion of flat maps and why they are not quite right.  They got to experiment with that on a tangerine:

     My favorite part so far about this year is their writing lessons.  We're using Institute for Excellence in Writing (better known as IEW) Bible Heroes in preparation for the full course we'll be using in a couple of years.  Both kids loved reading the short story, creating their outlines and writing their rough drafts.  By the end of the week they were ready for me to review their rough draft, make corrections and complete their final draft.  Mind you, we didn't do this all in one day and this week I decided to type it up for them.  We spread each part of the process across the week and they looked forward to it every time, especially since they read their work aloud to The Principal.  Below are pictures of them hard at work with their rough drafts.

     Well, that's one week down and 35 to go!

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