Monday, July 27, 2015

It's Box Day!


     What is Box Day, you ask?  Well, in the homeschool-sphere, it's the arrival of curriculum, supplements and all sorts of homeschooling goodies for the brand new school year.

     As listed in Our 2015-2016 Curriculum we're using My Father's World as our main curriculum.  Above is a picture of all the great books included in the set.  I chose My Father's World because it is God-centered, has a great collection of books/materials, I can teach both kids using it and I get to select my own Language Arts program, without having to stick to one we don't like.  Plus, there's a lot of different activities that will keep them engaged.  I can't wait.  My favorite part is the YWAM books at the very bottom of the picture.  I'm eager to read those aloud to my kids.

     We'll also be using All About Spelling.  Little Toughie will be using Level 1 because she's never had a formal spelling program, even though she's completed several Explode the Code books.  She'll get through this quickly, so we may end up getting Level 2 mid-year.  My son will be using WorldBuild, but that hasn't arrived just yet (because I haven't ordered it yet!)

     Did you know you can ask for a picture to be drawn on the box that your All About Learning Press supplies comes in?  I requested Alice In Wonderland for my daughter and this is what showed up:

She was so surprised!
     For Math we're using Singapore Math (my daughter has been using it) and Teaching Textbooks (my son got to try it out at a homeschool convention and loved it).  For Latin, we're using Prima Latina, which also teaches English and Latin grammar concepts.

     I've organized all the MFW (My Father's World) student sheets, copywork and any other items they'll be using (aside from Math, Spelling and Latin) in a hanging file folder system, pictured below.  It's what I did when the kids were doing Classical Conversations, Foundations.  I figured I can use the same system for MFW once I saw how each week went.  Each week is numbered and there are also Monday-Friday folders so that the kids and I know what sheets are used on what day.  Also, there are two removable Post-It Tabs with their names so that they know which sheets belong to whom.  I'll move those, along with the daily folders, to the next week when the current week is finished.  This is especially helpful for The Principal who, on occasion, has to be The Substitute. 

     Each child has two binders, one prepared as directed by the MFW Teacher's Manual and the other for Bible, Spelling, Math and English.  The binders will hold their completed work.  A fellow homeschooling mom shared her idea of keeping the completed work in sheet protectors so that at the end of the year she can have them spiral bound, creating a keepsake (and record) of the year's hard work.  I think I'll do that at the end of our school year which means I'll be putting everything in sheet protectors (Costco to the rescue!)  This may also help the kids keep their work neat; knowing it will eventually be a book they can keep and share with others.

     While we use the library A LOT, I had the opportunity to host a Facebook Usborne Book Party with Brandy of Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood.  She did such a wonderful job and I was blessed to have met her and her family, and to have her as my party consultant.  From the book party, I was able to get several Usborne books from my wishlist.  Many of them we will use during this new school year.  We are stoked!  After I took this picture the kids grabbed a couple of books and settled in.

     Last, but not least, what good are all those books, files and sheets if we have nothing to write or color with?  I cleaned up my old Pampered Chef Turn-about (I had let my son use it, but he colored all over it) and gathered everything I think we may need.  It's a shame they no longer make it in white.  I'd like another one.  By the way, Goo Gone is what removed all the pen and marker scribbles that were all over this caddy.  I had used several different cleaners, but they only faded them a little.  Goo Gone removed every bit of it, no scrubbing needed!  (No, I'm not getting paid to say that.)

     Our first day of school is just a little over a week away.  I can't wait to start and share our explorations with you!