Saturday, April 25, 2015

Year 2, Weeks 32-35

     The past four weeks have been a whirlwind but let's try to catch up.  Shall we?

     Week 32 began with a wonderful dinner with the supermom/woman behind Half a Hundred Acre Wood, along with her lovely family.  If you participate in Classical Conversations, then you are likely familiar with Brandy's blog and the wonderful plans, resources and ideas she shares.  If not, go check it out.  She's also an Usborne consultant.  Usborne books are used by several complete homeschool curricula, such as Sonlight and My Father's World.  If you're interested in looking at what Usborne has to offer and would like to purchase some books please click here.

     Brandy and her family made a quick stop in California before heading across the U.S. back home, checking off a few more states on her 50 States Before They Graduate List.

     We also concluded our reading on Corrie Ten Boom.  Her story was loved by all in our family.  Seriously, read some YWAM books.  The books are well written and engaging.  They're having their Spring Sale and a Mix and Match special right now.  Stock up!

     Week 33 was our final week of CC.  I can't believe how quickly it passed.  This was my first year tutoring and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I loved seeing my class and they way they would sponge up all the information presented to them.

     Needless to say, Week 34 was pretty laid back.  Since we were done with CC and all the work we do with it, the kids didn't have much to do.  Our school day would end pretty early which was nice, since we were having summer-like weather.  We were outside a lot and got extra books from the library to read while soaking in the sun.

     Easter happened to fall somewhere between these weeks, thus we made Easter cookies.  My Little Toughie worked with me each step of the way, from making the dough, rolling it out, cutting and then rolling fondant and making royal icing.  Then, both of my kids got creative with their cookie decorating.  See?

     Week 35, along with their school work, involved appointments, new activities, final rehearsals and our CC end-of-the-year celebration.

     My kids have done CrossFit Kids before and recently signed up at a local box.  Of course, they love it.  What's not to love?  They think they're playing but they're learning functional movements and getting a workout.  Adults need to play more often too; chase the kids at the park, climb the jungle gym with them or play catch.  Just move!

     As for the rehearsals, my Little Toughie has always loved acting.  Since she started talking, she would put on her own shows.  Last year she was in a production of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  This year she's in Alice in Wonderland and has a lead part.  She is very excited and is taking it very seriously, but we'll get to that next week when I wrap up in the last post of our school year!

     Ciao for now.

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