Sunday, March 8, 2015

Year 2, Weeks 28 and 29

     We ended Week 28 with a baking class and began Week 29 with Dr. Seuss projects.

     We signed up for a free baking class at Williams Sonoma.  It was a nice small class that the kids were able to do with a couple of friends.  They were able to taste different chocolates, from semi-sweet to baking chocolate.  They also learned how to line a baking pan with just a few folds of some parchment paper and a snip with the scissors (that was my favorite part).  The cake was already pre-baked along with some cupcakes for the kids to frost.  Still, this class went through each step of cake baking, from washing your hands before you start and also after separating eggs.  Pretty thorough for a free one-hour class!

     We started week 29 by making Oobleck and Truffula Tree Pens to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2nd.  Both of my kids did a presentation about Dr. Seuss for CC and handed out the goodies.  I even made green eggs using chocolate melts, but forgot to take the picture.  The Truffula Trees were easy (read:  boring) to make; just some hot glue and done.  The Oobleck was a lot more fun as you can see in the pictures:

     As you can see from the pictures above, my husband read them Bartholomew and The Oobleck, which is one of the few Dr. Seuss stories we've never read.  It has an interesting message (as they all do) and is one the kids enjoyed hearing.  Plus, they got to play with Oobleck!

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