Sunday, February 22, 2015

Year 2, We've just finished Week 27

     My last post was in January!  It's been quite busy here, as usual.  I think next year I may have to take a different approach to how I blog about our school year.  I just don't know what that is yet.  It seems that as I tutor for Classical Conversations and homeschool the kids (let's not forget their extra curricular activities and my domestic duties too) that I barely have time to read a magazine let alone blog (FYI, I still have a Christmas issue to read.  Just in time for this December)!  I have a stack of homeschool books, Christian books, and "just for fun" books piling up on my coffee table too.  The good thing is that we only have 9 more weeks of school and then I can take, oh about a week or possible two, to read the 10 books I have and then plan next year's curriculum.

     Yes, next year I definitely need to change the way I blog.

     Over past few weeks we finished reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (the book we had  a copyright of 1929!) and began Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.  My daughter loves the stories; my son, not so much.  As for me, I find Alice a bit annoying!  The "curiouser and curiouser" thing about it is that coincidentally my daughter will be in a Spring production of Alice in Wonderland, playing the role of Small Alice.  Have you ever watched Disney's animated Alice in Wonderland?  We did after we finished the first book.  If you've ever read both the books, you'd know that the movie is really an odd combination of both books.

     We're also completed reading about Milton Hershey.  It's a fascinating story.  I chose it because, well, we love chocolate and I thought it would be an interesting read.  Plus, I timed it so that we would finish it close to Valentine's Day.  His is a great story of the rewards of determination and hard work coupled with compassion and vision.  Even my husband was intrigued by it.  I highly recommend it.

     In CC, we wrapped up chemical experiments and our study of great artists, from Grandma Moses to Jim Davis.  The kids even got to create their own comic strip.  It was great to see what the kids came up with for their art projects.

     I think that's it or at least that's all I can remember from the past few weeks.  I'm off to try and read a book, despite the fact that laundry is beckoning me!

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