Monday, July 28, 2014

Year 2, Week 2-ish

     I say 2-ish because this week had a lot of reworking.  I was attending my first Classical Conversations Practicum which also included tutor training.  Monday we were able to get our work done, but my plans for the rest of the week were just all over the place.

     My daughter was at the practicum with me attending the Geo Camp while my son stayed at home with The Principal.  I left him with my son's scheduled work for the week.  Tuesday's work was completed, no problem.  Wednesday was a different story.  My husband and son were volunteering at the practicum in the morning but on their way home after lunch they were rear-ended, just a few minutes and blocks from where I was.  I thank God that my son was not sitting in his usual spot in the back...that side took the brunt of the hit and had my son been sitting there he would have incurred substantial injuries.  God had his hand on both my son and husband because I know it could have been much, much worse.  They walked away a bit achy but unharmed.  When I got to the scene my son was still shaking and visibly upset.  Needless to say, both husband and son were too shook up to even think about school work and I let them skip doing any work on Thursday.

     With that, school was back in session Friday and Saturday.  Both kids are finding their rhythm, though my son needs to learn to be more patient with himself.  He gets frustrated when he doesn't get something right the first time and I have to remind him that he's still learning.  He's stresses out about his grades (his math program grades him automatically as he answers the questions) and gets upset to the point of giving up when he gets something wrong.  I let him know that the grades are just an indicator for me that he has to review it again, not that he's failed.  I even showed him how I'm allowed to delete the grade so that he can start over again.  That seems to calm him down.

     That's our week 2-ish.  It was a jam-packed week and I'm about to start another one with Vacation Bible School.

     Have a wonderful week!

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