Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kindergarten, Weeks 27 and 28

     Oh, yes I did indeed miss posting last week.  I've been busy reviewing different curriculum lessons as well as planning my daughter's (and possibly son's) curriculum.  My days are filled with homeschooling, homework and after school activities, housework and dinner, and my evenings have been filled with pouring over books and resources for curriculum planning.  I want to have it done before the homeschool conventions season begins so that when we go I know exactly what to look for.

     I'm also currently reading The Well-Trained Mind and taking copious notes so that I can plan a curriculum both suitable and challenging for both of my kids.  Last year I read The Core.  The Well-Trained Mind goes into more detail, supplying you with resources and even a sample schedule for each subject.  It does this for you through High School, though right now I'm only focusing on the Grammar Stage (roughly grades 1-4).

     Week 27 brought us to the close of the Olympics.  We didn't do a study on it, however I did have my Little Toughie keep track of the U.S. medal count.  I didn't watch as much of the Winter Olympics as I would have liked.  As I said, I been busy; I even missed to closing ceremonies!  At least I got to explain what they were and my daughter would pay attention whenever we happened upon the Olympics coverage and an update on the medal count.

     We also began reading Ramona and Beezus.  I remember reading Ramona the Pest when I was younger (though I can't remember the story) but it's fun to read books from my youth to my kids.  We also continued our Bible study, making our way through the New Testament and reading about the many sick and crippled that Jesus healed.  I like when in the middle of a reading, my daughter excitedly tells me that she knows the story and begins to narrate it to me.  I know she's paying attention in Sunday school!  We need to move on in our Fruits of the Spirit study, but I'm not sure just which Fruit to pick.  I have to pray on it and ask for guidance!

     Week 28 we covered a bit of sentence structure, beginning with the subject and predicate of a sentence.  Using The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading I followed their lead in creating cards to make wacky sentences.  Using index cards and short simple sentences, like "The tan hog dug in the mud.", I wrote the subject in one color on a set of cards and the predicate in a different color on another set.  I had my daughter mix up each set and make wacky sentences.  So, instead of "The tan hog dug in the mud." she would get, "The hot dog dug in the mud."  I made 20 cards for a total of 10 sentences.  She wants me to add more pronto!  She had a lot of fun creating sentences and would laugh at the silly combinations.  Her reading skills are improving every day and I'm enjoying observing those skills emerge every time she picks up a book.  Our library trips will now require a rolling card instead of a crate!

     That's all for now.  Have a wonderful week!

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