Thursday, July 25, 2013

When Plans Fail

     During the summer my goal is to go on an outing at least twice a week.  It doesn't have to be anything big.  It can be a play date.  It can be a trip to the local library or Farmer's Market.  It can be a couple of free games of bowling or a bike ride along the beach.  Nothing big.  These aren't field trips; just something to break up the monotony of our homeschooling schedule and to perhaps even apply what was taught to the world around us.

     Today, we had planned on meeting some friends for a couple of games of bowling.  Our local alley provides 2 free games for the kids all summer long.  All you had to do was sign up.  For a small, additional one time fee (shoe rental excluded) parents can join in.  It's a great deal.  My kids were looking forward to this since last week.  They wrote up and sent invitations!

     However, as we were getting our shoes on to head out, our friend called us to let us know that everyone else had the same idea of bowling after lunch.  Thus, there were no lanes available and a long list of people waiting.

     Not my idea of fun.

     Before I even got off the phone, both kids were in tears.

     Not my idea of fun.

     I mentioned that we were going to an Ice Cream Social (again) later this week and that their Aunt and Cousin would be here over the weekend.  That seemed to soothe them.  A little bit.

     It occurred to me that I need to have contingency plans in place, should our regularly scheduled program fail to commence.  I just can't think of anything!  Aside from our local museums (which I'm saving to use as our field trips) I can't think of much else.

     So, I'm reaching out to YOU.  Of course, the outings need to be kid-friendly but no to low cost as well, because, let's be frank...I'm underpaid ;-)  Plus, two outings a week can add up.  I haven't won the Lotto, yet!

     Send your ideas my way.  Either comment below or on our Facebook page (something I'm trying out).


  1. I would totally go with you on this adventure! TIDE POOLS, YAY!

  2. That sounds fantastic! I'll have to put that on the calendar.