Sunday, August 28, 2016

Year 4, Week 4: Stonehenge

     Our history studies brought us to Stonehenge this week and the kids tried to come up with different ways of how the megalith could have been built.  I can't remember everything they said but I know they said something about slides and ropes.  I probably should have written it down!  This is their model of Stonehenge, complete with a tourist snapping pictures:

     We began our Latin studies this week.  As I said in my first post for this year, we're easing into things and I didn't want to start everything from the get-go.  We're using Latina Christiana which they enjoy but find a bit tedious right now.  I reminded them that it's just the beginning and it will progressively get challenging as the weeks pass.  I happened to look ahead a few pages and it's even a bit challenging for me to teach!

     My Little Toughie seems to be enjoying her science and created this masterpiece depicting the different ocean layers.  My favorite is the deceased whale lying at the bottom of the ocean.  She read that in the book and felt badly about it.

     That's all for now.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Year 4, Week 3: Ziggurat

     We're studying the Sumerians this week!  The kiddos got to build their own ziggurat out of Legos:

     They wanted to make it our of sugar cubes but that would just be wasteful, especially in our Paleo house.

     We've also begun our looping schedule.  If you're not familiar with looping please check out Sarah Mackenzie on Amongst Lovely Things or read one of her posts about looping here.  Anyway, our loop so far looks like this:
     We began drawing Africa this week:

     They did great!  I didn't get to draw with them as this was our first time using the book so I was in charge of reading the directions to them.  We had so much geography last year and we all loved it.  This year since the focus is history, there isn't a whole lot of geography so between this, our Classical Conversations map and the Geography Game (from My Father's World) I think we'll have geography covered.

     With that, I'll catch you next week!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Year 4, Week 2: The Ice Age

     This week our history study brought us to the Ice Age and Noah and The Flood.  They marveled at a sea fossil being found atop a mountain and that there were once land bridges between continents.  Oh, the love of learning and discovery!

     Also, in keeping with adding things in slowly we began science this week:

     I let each child pick their own science subject this year.  Little Toughie opted for sea animals while my son chose Earth Science.  This is our first time using Apologia.  I'm hoping they enjoy it.

     At the end of our Ice Age study the kids were challenged to put an ice cube on their belly to see who could let it sit there the longest.  Neither one lasted long enough for me to take a picture but I can tell you there was a lot on squirming and squealing in the short 30 seconds my daughter lasted.  My son didn't last more than 5 seconds and shrieked for about that long!

     That's about it for now.  Nothing too exciting...yet.